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€ 26,400

Highest amount paid for single claim.

How it works

Was your flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked? You may be entitled to a compensation of up to €600 per passenger.

Claim it's expertise

Claim it takes care of the entire compensation claim process for you. We have the necessary knowledge and resources to ensure your claim is introduced through the proper channels and in the best possible manner. Our firm understands the complexity of dealing with the administration involved in these claims and is experienced in countering the delaying tactics and the frequently wrongful rejection of rightful claims by airlines.

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Two options to get your compensation

Depending on your personal preference, Claim it offers you 2 possibilities in dealing with your claim. The difference between both is the timing, certainty and level of the compensation. Read about the 2 options hereunder carefully and decide which of both interesting options suits best your needs.



  • Choose between 2 formulas : classic or fast cash
  • Experienced Legal experts and top negotiators at work on your case
  • 98% of court cases won
  • No hidden fees
  • No cure, no pay
  • Online support


  • Instant payout
  • No risk
  • Each passengers receives
    • 90€ for flights of less than 1500km
    • 140€ for flights between 1500km and 3500km
    • 200€ for flights of more than 3500km
  • No waiting time : payment will be made max.
    5 working days after final acceptation by Claim it
  • Guarantee for immediate result


  • No win, no fee
  • 25% commission + VAT in case we win
  • No other costs involved for you, nor any risk
  • Processing time: between 6 weeks and 1 year
  • No guarantee for positive result

(*) Possible for all valid claims, after validation and final acceptation by Claim it
(**) If your application reaches us more than 15 days after the flight, 20 Euros administration fee will be charged in case we succesfully end your claim.

The process step by step

Once you introduce your claim with us you'll experience that the Claim it application process is extremely clear and simple. It requires following a number of steps and providing us with the necessary documents. Read an overview of them here and undertake your first step towards receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

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