Are you the victim of a flight cancellation? Then you are probably entitled to a financial compensation. And its size depends on the length of the distance covered by the flight. Read more.

Flight cancellation compensation
In what cases are you entitled to a compensation?

An indemnity is owed when:

  • your original flight schedule is abandoned and you are transferred to another scheduled flight
  • the aircraft took off but, was forced to return to the airport of departure and you were transferred to another flight
  • your flight arrives at an airport which is not the final destination indicated on your ticket

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Flight cancellation compensation - How is yours calculated?

The amounts of the flight delay compensations are regulated by law and are:

  •     €250
  •     €400
  •     €600
  • Up to 1500km
  • 1500km to 3500km
  • More than 3500km

This regulation does not apply to Non-European airlines, leaving from a non-European country, even if their destination is a European airport.

Furthermore, not only are your personally entitled to this amount of compensation, but so is each one of your fellow travelers. Don't forget to Claim it for your partner and children, if you were travelling together.
If you have friends or acquaintances on the same flight, send them this information. Because they'll be grateful to you for it.

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Flight delay compensation - Why work with Claim it?

Claim it is the standard reference when one thinks of the fight for passenger rights. As evidence, we deal with thousands of cases every year and get millions of euros in compensation for our passengers. The press recognizes the singular stature of Claim it as well. Our CEO Ralph Pais is steadily becoming the go-to individual when the media cover the subject of 'flight delay compensation'.

Our judicial specialists take on tasks such as yours every day. The joint impact of our hefty experience, outstanding expertise and our readiness to fight in order to impose your rights upon the potent airlines, put us in the top spot as your choice and ally.

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How to get your compensation?

Through our claim form you can apply immediately. If you want to know more about the claim procedure, go to our how it works page.



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What does it cost to have Claim it intervene in your favor and demand your flight delay compensation for you?

Claim it handles your file on a 'no win, no fee' principle*. Most of all this means you never pay us a single euro or penny, unless you receive a compensation which is many times more substantial than our fee. Hence you only pay this fee in case of success. After your claim has been handled successfully by us.

All you need to do now is submit your claim to us and provide us (through the form on our website) with all required documentation. From that point onwards, we handle everything for you.

Claim it works on your case on a 'no win, no fee' proposition*. Most of all this signifies you never pay us a single euro or penny, if you don't receive a compensation which is many times more considerable than our commission. Thus you only pay this fee in case of a favorable outcome. Subsequently to your reclamation having been handled favorably by us.

Our legal top experts:

  • investigate whether you are entitled to damages
  • calculate the amount of the compensation
  • make sure your file is complete
  • file the claim with the airline
  • in case of a dispute and/or improper denial of your right to a financial compensation, we challenge the airline to court in order to force them to pay out your compensation

Only in case of success, once your claim has been handled by us for you in a successful manner and this results in a financial compensation for you, will we charge a fee of 25% + VAT in respect of the compensation you have received. So, this cost is deducted from your financial restitution and is NEVER superior to the percentage indicated above. Even if we need to challenge the airline in court, or go to the court of appeal in order to force airlines to pay you your rightful due.

* 'No win, no fee' means that the fee is payable only if there is a favorable result. Therefore, you only pay us anything if and when the airline makes a payment. We mediate and even prosecute if necessary in order to achieve this result. All of this only cost you 25% plus VAT of the compensation paid. Most noteworthy is that if the airline - for whatever reason - doesn't pay a financial remittance, you do not pay us anything.

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How long does it take to receive a flight cancellation compensation?

Contrary to the airlines, we strive to communicate in the clearest possible manner on this. Once all elements are in our hands, we immediately go to work for you.

Unfortunately, this is not enough in order to provide you with an accurate timetable, because airlines sometimes try to evade their duty in unfair manners. Therefore, the timing for the comprehensive settlement of your claim may fluctuate between a few weeks to more than a year.

The soonest you instruct us to handle your claim, the sooner you will be able to receive a remittance.

A special form of flight cancellation: being denied boarding on your flight due to an overbooking by the airline.

Overbooking is a routine method in the airline industry nowadays. Airlines will often oversell a flight (by selling more seats than available) to make up for passengers who do not show up on the day of the flight. This practice, nevertheless, creates a major issue for passengers on a flight. If there are not sufficient no-shows there might not be enough seats for all passengers.

In this situation, airlines will commonly offer compensation in the form of vouchers, upgrades, points or cash to passengers volunteering to give up their seat and travel at a later moment. This is called “voluntary denied boarding”. A passenger who volunteers to be bumped from his or her flight is not eligible for extra airline indemnity beyond what was agreed at the time he or she made the decision.

If insufficient travelers willingly give up their seat on the overbooked flight, the airline has to bump passengers to a next flight. These cases of overbooking are called “involuntary denied boarding”. They entitle passengers to denied boarding compensation if the flight is within EU jurisdiction.

Explicitly, under EU Regulation 261/2004 regarding passenger rights, a passenger involuntarily denied boarding on an overbooked flight departing from an EU airport, regardless of airline or destination, is qualified for an airline compensation of up to €600. Passengers overbooked on flights inbound to the EU operated by an EU carrier are also qualified.

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What are the so-called special circumstances in which the airline doesn't have to pay you a compensation?

Even in case of special circumstances the airline has the duty to offer you meals, refreshments, a couple of phone calls or text messages and, if required, an hotel up until the departure of your flight. In the following circumstances the airline does not have to pay you a financial compensation of top of this.

The term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ may apply to a number of scenarios where the delay/cancellation was caused by something out of the ordinary; things like:

  • Acts of terrorism or sabotage
  • Security risks
  • Extreme weather conditions e.g. volcanic ash cloud
  • Political or civil unrest
  • Hidden manufacturing defects
  • Industrial action (strikes unrelated to the airline such as baggage handlers or air traffic control)

A technical problem has been rejected by the Court of Justice of the European Union as 'force majeure', as this is part of the 'normal' conduct of an airline business. Read more fake reasons airlines try to resort to in order to deny passenger rights here.

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